Ca.Pri Company is a firm for shoe soles in Fermo, Italy, officially founded in 1987 but with a great experience in soles production. In 2001 it turned into a joint-stock company, a noteworthy step that forecasts its wide corporative development. Thanks to the excellence of our products in terms of price and quality, Ca.Pri has established itself as a strong company, first in Italy and then internationally. A tangible example of this is S.C. Damore Prod. Srl, a controlled property firm present in Romania since 1999. Our production runs from the shoe soles based on exclusive customer projects to the pressing soles with their wide set of samples. The latter represents a good spark for our customers’ new creations. All this is possible thanks to the constant research of innovative processings applicable both to the development of classic soles and to those linked to the trend of the moment.